JeannePetrosky . DennisGuzenski
creating hand made paper art since 1987

Why resin?

Why Art Resin?

Sometimes paper gets a bad rap. 

Often times people think its going to deteriorate, 

or what if someone touches it, etc. 

None of this is true, of course!

The paper we make is reinforced and made with 

acid free cotton fibers for strength and longevity.

Still the fact is, when we are competing for 

an office space or hospital, we feel we get passed over.

So we decided to use resin over our paper.

We needed a resin that would not yellow and that 

was not going to kill us with noxious fumes.

We found what we were looking for in Art Resin.

A product developed by artists, easy to use and 

very little odor. We were really surprised when we 

first tried it. The depth of the colors seemed 

to jump off the paper.

Art Resin has really enhanced our art.